Felt good

A while ago I read the interview with Jennifer Murphy in Home Companion where she says “Use the best materials. For a long time, I’d work with felt that wasn’t 100 percent wool. Once I tried the good stuff, I never went back. The quality of my work has vastly improved and the flexibility of the material has enabled me to use it in so many ways.”
This sparked my dormant interest in working with wool felt, which first arose a couple of years back when I discovered the beautiful AK in Prahran. I have no interest in producing my own felt. I did a little of this back in University and I find it massively time consuming and physically exhausting. I am more interested in taking the fabric and turning it into softies.

Ever since, I have been obsessed with tracking down a source for 100% wool felt here in Melbourne. I emailed my pals in the Craft Army and got some great tips from Miriam who suggested I try a store over in Brunswick which does indeed stock 100% wool felt. I went over there today and discovered that while the fabric is fine and tough and quite lovely, unfortunately the colours are limited to the basic black, white, bone, red type range whereas I want things like apple green and rusty gold … they will order stuff in if you want 5 or more metres of it, which I don’t. As a side line I did also find some great relatively cheap linen in slightly odd colours so it was not a wasted trip at all.

Miriam had also found a couple of other contacts – one being a guy who supplies pre-dyed felt which didn’t appeal to me on first thought, but then ideas of brewing up my own perfect colours came to me and now I am searching out prices for wool dyes and planning on finding some kind of cauldron thing for dying in the Trading Post. I am a babe in the woods when it comes to this kind of thing, but I am inspired to explore, even if it comes to nothing and I move onto another idea next week.

Mmm… felt.