Gentle breezes of change

My mum and Amelia, 7.30am this morning.

We move into our new place some time in late Feb to early March. While I am not quite counting the days, I am almost every moment thinking “in our new place I will / we will / it will….”. We’ve been living with Mum and Dad for a long time now and it’s going to be exciting to move out of home again. Moving out of home is an amazing feeling and I get to do it again 10 years after I did it the first time, but this time share the adventure with my little girl and Big-P.

I am slightly worried that it may be quite an upheaval for Amelia. She has no memory of life before living here and only knows how it is to have four adoring adults around her, mostly all of the time. She wakes up, visits us in bed and then heads downstairs for stories in bed with Nannan and Pappous. When Big-P heads off to work, her day is spent pottering between the remaining three of us – chatting to Nannan in the kitchen, visiting Pappous in his study and maybe getting to sit on his lap, turn on his radio to Classic FM and draw with his whiteboard markers if she’s lucky. We are both used to lots of company. I am constantly reassured that little children are very adaptable and perhaps I am just projecting my own anxieties, but never-the-less I am plotting and planning ways to ease the transition.

I am gently pitching ideas into her mind already about how our life might be when we move. I am including exciting eventuations such as a brand new fish tank full of fish, who Amelia has decided will all be called Nemo. I have mentioned that we will need to paint her room and that she must think of a colour that she would like to paint it (at this stage she’s settled on blue). I have told her how close we will be to Nannan and Pappous and how we will all visit all the time, and eat dinner at each other’s houses and even sleep over from time to time. Until recently I have always presumed that she doesn’t really comprehend any of these kinds of slightly abstracted conversations, because she is distractedly playing with something else, or changes the topic to some totally unrelated subject within a second, but have discovered that when it comes down to it, she can recall huge amounts of information – she just soaks it all in.

I am sure there will be rough bits a long the way, I am sure it will be fine in the end, I am sure she is a tough cookie and I am sure we will all have a blast, but I am also always concerned with doing the best by her which will be my life long late-night worry session curse.