Hello 2 oh oh 5!

Personal challenges for 2005 (rather than resolutions but pretty much the same thing).
1. Update Loobylu every day (I did it for the month of June last year and found it to be quite easy when I got into the frame of mind that I had no choice, so I might try it for a whole year. Ooh dear, I feel a little queasy at the thought).

2. Make a single bed quilt for Amelia’s new room.

3. Learn to smock

4. Watch all of the Village Voice’s top 100 best films of last century, starting this week with number 100 and 99. We found Shadow of a Doubt at our local video store but now the challenge is to find Suspiria (1977 version). Not looking forward to Salo at number 89 but them’s the breaks. (Actually, it may even be still banned here in Australia… not sure)

5. Get healthy and bring my RealAge down to my real age.

5. Have an art show in March which I can be proud of.

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  1. loobylu@loobylu.com

    Hi Elin… I am not sure. I found that list hard to manage. It was huge and out of control – with a bunch that I didn’t even read myself anymore. I am working on some ideas for my redesign which should be a good way for me to share links that I am really enjoying currently.

  2. natey@tpg.com.au

    Claire, they released Salo in the cinemas in about 1995 so it may not be banned any more – university libraries tend to have copies (though that may not be very helpful….).

  3. loobylu@loobylu.com

    Thanks Nate… apparently it was banned again in ’98 so in this day and age of film censorship in Australia I am not feeling hopeful… or perhaps I am relieved to have an excuse.

  4. cisdesir@yahoo.com

    updating everyday? oh then, i’ll be checking just as often. 🙂
    great resolutions. have i mentioned how much i love your softies project. oh yes, i have.

    i will try to participate one of these days!

  5. momo@momofreaksout.com

    Oooh, smocking! I’m envious! I’m imagining beautiful blouses giving some blousey oomph where it’s needed (for me).
    In 1995 when Salo was briefly released, my cinema studies class was going on an excursion, and I wagged … Actually, that story was going nowhere! Still, there are many beautiful films on that list. I might join you in your resolution.

    Happy new year to you and your family, Claire. 🙂

  6. loobylu@loobylu.com

    Thank you Miss Momo – and to you guys too! We are definitely encouraging folks to join us in our movie-along resolution. We thought we would start at 100 and work towards 1 because we figure the ones lower on the list will be the more difficult to find and might need months to track down. It’s a movie watching – treasuring hunting resolution.

  7. smellebelle@yahoo.com

    Ahhh, the top 100 lists. I’ve been reading from the Modern Library and Radcliff/Random House Best 100 Novels of the 20th Century for four years now. I have a long way to go. (Also to balance it, the feminista! websites best books by female authors.) Good luck with your film challenge. I imagine it will take many less hours than reading the 400 odd books I have manage to entangle myself with.

  8. artpunk@gmail.com

    I have the soundtrack to Suspiria by a group called Goblin, which I liked it’s quite freaky. It’s on one of those antiquated pieces of 12″ Vinyl. I didn’t really enjoy the film however. Happy New Year

  9. katy@sushipop.net

    Suspiria is one of my favourite films – it featured heavily in my honours thesis.
    But it is a little hard to find locally. I have both a VHS copy i got as an ex-rental and a new DVD release from the US. My suggestion would be to search in those older video stores which have masses of older videos that they rarely get rid of. Forget Blockbuster or Video Ezy et al…

  10. ally@sandpixel.net

    I need to get healthy and bring my RealAge down to my real age as well. It said I was like 26 point something. I’m only 21 so obviously I’m doing something wrong *sigh*

  11. alefkovi@uchicago.edu

    Suspira is awesome, but Shadow of a Doubt is actually one of my all-time favorites. It’s so good (and for once I believe my film-y bf that things like editing matter. With the sound off, it looks like a romance. Sound on, it’s a whole other story).
    I love your site Claire. I’m already enjoying the everyday updates.

  12. loobylu@loobylu.com

    Hi – I have just updated the Voice’s list link… it should work now. For some reason VV have taken the page down that had the list, but can still be found at this other film site.

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