Hello 2 oh oh 5!

Personal challenges for 2005 (rather than resolutions but pretty much the same thing).
1. Update Loobylu every day (I did it for the month of June last year and found it to be quite easy when I got into the frame of mind that I had no choice, so I might try it for a whole year. Ooh dear, I feel a little queasy at the thought).

2. Make a single bed quilt for Amelia’s new room.

3. Learn to smock

4. Watch all of the Village Voice’s top 100 best films of last century, starting this week with number 100 and 99. We found Shadow of a Doubt at our local video store but now the challenge is to find Suspiria (1977 version). Not looking forward to Salo at number 89 but them’s the breaks. (Actually, it may even be still banned here in Australia… not sure)

5. Get healthy and bring my RealAge down to my real age.

5. Have an art show in March which I can be proud of.