December's Month of Softies

Happy New Year!
I have a terrible cold… a terrible cold… Oh woe… anyway, I have no energy to do an update and what energy I do have I am spending on a MAJOR REDESIGN so forgive me for my brevity.

December’s Month of Softies gallery is now open for viewing. I haven’t had a chance to email anyone back regarding their submissions but thank you once again! Considering the time of year, the turn-out was fabulous. I am slightly delirious… so if I have messed up your entry or missed it out all together, please email me with corrections.

January’s Softie theme is “Vintage Catwalk”… which yet again is open to interpretation. Personally I am going to make a cat in a vintage style dress… but don’t let that stop ya from going nuts.

Snuffle – croak. I am going back to bed.