Elephant Auction

Eleanor the Roller Skating Elephant is now up for Auction on Ebay. I am donating the money she makes to UNICEF… so bid away! I am doubtful that it will make it to any overseas destinations for christmas, but I will happily make a little gift certificate which I can email to you for you to print if you intend giving it as a gift.

8 Responses to “Elephant Auction”

  1. jenny@jennybharris.com

    You are so awesome to offer your creation to help others. I must sheepishly admit I couldn’t part with mine. You have a good soul.

  2. rachi7474@comcast.net

    Your elephant friend is so great! I just love her… I have visited your site several times and can’t help but look at your cute doll every time. I know that the new owner will love her!

  3. weehob@weehob.com

    I’m sure Eleanor will find a fine home. And what a great idea to give the proceeds to UNICEF. Such a generous person you are. Good luck with the bidding.

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