Just quickly – a few people have asked me what the meaning is of November’s theme for A Month of Softies which is “Holiday Hang-Ups”. Here is a definition of “hang-up” I found on the web. So, as I mentioned in a previous entry, it’s an interpret as you like theme but the basic idea is that it is something that you can hang and also related to the holiday season (such as a tree ornament or some kind of wreath or mobile or something). You are most welcome to ignore the ornamental part of it altogether if you wish and just focus on the idea that a hang-up is also an “emotional preoccupation” – for example that it’s some kind of personal problem that one might have with the holidays. A grumpy Scrooge doll would be perfect. And so on. Please remember that ultimately anything goes. I apologise to the folks who do not speak English as their native language for a theme that is a slight play on words. Let me know if you are still having problems with its interpretation.
Meanwhile, I am off to the country for a week with Amelia and my parents. I am looking forward to the break, but not to the eight hour car trip with a restless toddler. I am taking multiple projects of which I will probably work on maybe one if I am lucky. Plenty of walking, swimming and playing with puppies is planned.

Unfortunately I had no time to do a Illustration Friday this week, but Penelope has launched the Illustration Friday web site and it’s great. It has forums!

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    Totally off topic, but I wanted to thank you for the beautiful cards. Someone sent the Christmas cards to me as a gift and they are just gorgeous. I can’t wait to send them to all my friends.


    Hey Claire
    I have been meaning to tell you that i think the month of softies is a fantastic idea…but life got pretty busy with all the prep work for the shows the monster factory was participating in. The november elephants are all amazing, and i look forward to taking part in the december edition, now that my hands are more free for other creatures and critters.


    Have a great trip…Good luck with th 8 hour drive with a toddler in tow!! After mine went on a marathon road trip this summer, he has developed ‘phantom’foot pain…from sitting still in the carseat for such an extended time! To this day, ‘it’ still acts up when he gets tired/cranky!!

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