November's Month of Softies

November’s A Month of Softies gallery is now up!
Thank you again to everyone who participated. There is so much variety! Who would have thought? If for some reason your submission doesn’t appear to be up please email me. I have been a tad disorganised and it may have slipped through and been filed in the wrong email folder or something.

You will also notice that on the Month of Softies page the new theme for December is up. “Holiday Hang-Ups”. I decided that it needed to be a nice loose theme for this month for you to interpret as you like – I assume everyone will be extremely busy with many other projects on the go so as long as the object you create for the Month of Softies project is something that is holiday based and can be hung up (or is about hang-ups) then anything goes. I am thinking about the obvious – a tree ornament… but I am also wondering if I might get time to make a string of little stuffed christmassy birds… but in the end I might just enter Amelia’s christmas stocking if I get that finished in time. My mum is talking about making an elaborate stuffed voodoo pincushion depicting a family sitting around the christmas table looking angry with pins stuck in them (she’s going for the hang-ups idea, I hope she isn’t trying to express some personal holiday hang-up she has that we are all oblivious too).

Anyway, back to the elephants. Here’s my Elephant! Eleanor the roller skating elephant girl:

After making five heads I finally settled on this one. I am proud of her because even though she is a little strange looking, I designed the pattern for every single bit of her… it took me almost all month to make but I finished her up last night at 10.30 — just scraping in.

She looks a little unsure – as you would be if you had to ride on these roller skates: