Elephant countdown

There is one day left of November which means there is only one day left until all elephant photos need to be submitted to the Month of Softies! I don’t know about you… but I am feeling slightly panicked. My elephant friend is finished but she is yet to be accessorised and I am still determined to make roller skates. I know that there are a lot of people feeling very unpanicked having already finished their elephants. I know this because I have just finished doing a thumbnail gallery of the entries so far and each and everyone is gorgeous and special in it’s own way. I can’t wait to share them. If you are still stitching (or crafting in other ways) I am looking forward to receiving your emails soon. If you are feeling like your elephant looks weird and you don’t want to send it in, please be reassured that the elephants I have received so far come from folks who have never picked up a needle before to folks who have their own homewares range. There is even an elephant made from a drink bottle and some paper cups (who is most amusing and comes from the Box office staff at Cirque du Soleil in Texas!). So take heart and join in the big elephant family.