Illustration Friday – Regal

Finally! I managed to get something done for Penelope’s Illustration Friday. This week the theme was Regal. Click the image for a larger version.

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    I rarely comment although I like all your work, but this I really love. Instant smile. Plus, I had bright red hair as a kid and I loved all illustrations with red haired children, so I’m partial. Wonderful. Just wondering, have you/ would you ever consider illustrating children’s books?


    Man, I wanted to do an illustration for Illustration Friday, but never the time. What, with two kids and all. But HEY! I love love love this cute illustration here. Very cool, Claire!


    I think that this has got to be my favorite illustration of yours! I like how she looks a bit hesitant.
    (I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I read you regularly).


    So Sweet! Yes Claire — perhaps consider a line of wee one’s bedroom decor items for your next business venture. Wallpaper boarder, wall hangings, soft mobiles… your images would make a little person’s room magical. First thing I thought of was “oh, that would be so sweet on my daughter’s wall!”


    This is my first post, never commented before, but I have to say: What a whimsical mind you have! you are such a magical inspiration… it makes me create more illos.


    hi Claire,I think maybe you somehow didn’t receive a comment I made here a few days ago… it doesn’t seem to have found it’s way onto this page. I was just wondering about your pumpkin pie recipe from way back in May! I have to make one next week and have never even tasted one before!! Could you possibly help me out with that recipe or a link that might still have the recipe you used?? THanks so much, Lucy x

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