Let's not get too excited, but…

I have taken Mum and Dad and Amelia back to look at the crazy house (the one with SIX bedrooms that I have mentioned previously) this morning and they liked it. I am still to be convinced but it seems too big and too cheap not to consider. I have never seen so much wood paneling in my life and I really, really don’t like wood paneling. The kitchen is basically made of wood paneling and the whole outside of the house is covered in crazy dark brown wood panel cladding. It continues to be called the Crazy House and if we buy it I will make a name plaque that says Casa Loca (though Maison Folle also sounds quite good) because it really is pretty crazy and it will be fun to strive each day to make it crazier.

Anyway, now that we are seriously considering it and getting lawyers to check out paper work and our building friend to do an inspection and so on, I am still not terribly excited but I am trying to work out how we might use the SIX bedrooms. Obviously there will by our room, and Amelia’s bedroom and a home office thing, but there are still three others to consider. The three rooms in question are awfully small so ideas such as pool room, home gym, music room, plant conservatory etc. are unfortunately not a possibility.

A guest room would be good, especially as we have many nephews and nieces overseas who are just getting into that “tour the world and discover yourself” age so you never know when they might need a boring suburban stop-over in between partying on the Gold Coast and going feral in the desert. Also, as we are living very far out in the suburbs we might need rooms for our friends who live in the inner city to be able to stay in after dinner parties as a late night trek home might be tedious… I am also considering a library – four walls lined with book shelves and a chair in the middle with a tiny little writing desk on which you can rest your pipe. That would be useful. We shouldn’t have got rid of all of Big-P’s academic tomes – he told me they would be useful one day… And perhaps I could have a sewing room and a room to do my illustration work in, and a print gocco room and Big-P could have a study too… and Amelia will definitely need a “teenager’s retreat” when she gets to that certain age and probably a seperate study so she can concentrate away from all the distractions kids need these days… oh dear, I don’t think this house has enough bedrooms. And if in the end we decide this house is no good, then we will have to find another house that has this many rooms!