Another wasted Saturday filled with miserable house huntingness and nothing to show for it except a huge book full of print outs of houses and floor plans and notes scribbled across them that read “bad feeling”, “neighbours look extremely dodgy”, “sold” and “this place should be bulldozed”. Ugh ugh ugh.
I should be sewing my elephant (who is looking very alarming) but I am more inclined to crawl into bed and hide.

There was a great hail storm in Box Hill today, and steam rose eerily from the road surface in Forest Hill – but these sure signs from the gods seemed to mean nothing at all. My new arch supports do not fit and cause great discomfort. That seems to be much more meaningful.

Enough of this. Here are some pleasant distractions:

Snowflakes by Children’s book illustrators for charity auction.
My favourites are definitely Sophie Blackall’s and Jaime Zollars’ (via indie shopper)

Also, some inspiring paper lampshades which can be found here — whimsical scenes made of simple shapes. I have filed these in my “to do one day” folder.

Now I am off to sulk.