Fabric frenzy

Life has been a bit crazy around here. House hunting and packing orders has left me feeling a little sapped of energy.
Thank you so much to everyone who bought cards. I greatly appreciate your support. There are still plenty left to buy if you are feeling tempted (thanks to a large, enthusiastic print run this year) but the good news is that Oxfam Community Aid Abroad will be getting a decent donation and there will be a bit more to put into our house buying fund.

Despite all the busy-ness, I have found the time to go out on several forays to get some elephant making supplies for my contribution to the Month of Softies. Now I just need to get down to it and do some sewing. I love buying fabric. I could do it all day. Getting organised to sew is a different matter. There are more and more elephants popping up around the web which is so exciting to see. Although it’s tempting to link to them all now, I think I might save them up so there’s something to see in the first week of December.

And for the truly fabric obsessed…

Some Beautiful ribbons which Lincraft is stocking for a limited time due to the crazy frou frou racing season.

This morning Christina and I met at Patchwork on Central Park to ooh and ahh at the fabrics. I bought a few things because of that usual fear that “I might never see this fabric again!”. Here’s the motherload:

I found some stuff that will have to be included somewhere on my elephant due to the elephants on it:

And I couldn’t resist this Liberty print which is unforgivable because it ain’t cheap… but honestly… I might never see it again.

My best find was some fabric for which I have been keeping an eye out for a while. I first saw it on a doll in a doll’s shop a few months ago. The doll itself was nothing special but its little kimono top and pants made of this were very cute.

I think I might save this and make something for Amelia’s bedroom (when and where that might be is anyone’s guess).

And after all that intense fabric glut I think I might start planning some toys made out of recycled materials. It’s all a bit much.