Softies are go

I have put up a quick page explaining the month of softies idea… And it’s November the first so hooray! Time to get creating. After a some thought, I have decided that we needed a slightly looser theme but one that meant that those who had already started planning could continue. The theme is “The Accessorised Elephant”.

Thanks for all the support and the suggestions.

Also, here’s a button to download and display on your site if you want to. Link it to

Let the games begin!

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    Claire, I visit your site almost everyday for new entries! Can I just say what an inspiration you are! I can’t wait for you to move into your dream home! I am moving back to Melbourne next August with the Hubby and Daughter and even though we are living with my family, I too can’t wait to move into my dream home! Best of luck to you.
    Saying G’Day from the USA!



    Oh Claire, you’ve created a (softie) monster. I started my elephant last night while waiting for little trick or treaters and I can’t stop! I’ve never made a stuffed animal before but I found a sweet and easy little pattern and, well, I’m hooked! Thanks so much for creating this wonderful activity!


    What a fun idea! I’ve been inspired by your illustrations and other crafty projects for years, but never got off my lazy rear to try something myself. However, I just returned from the craft store with some fuzzy felt and a simple pattern. I’ve never sewn an animal in my life, but hopefully this will at least be good practice for next month’s softie!


    How glorious idea! I wish I could participate…I’m learning sewing a this time! Taking baby steps…LOL I wish you great luck in this great concept and thanks for always providing such special inspiration!


    I LOVE the theme, just wish I had and extra two days each week so that I could actually do everything I’m already trying to fit into my life, plus this! (or perhaps I should make that and extra 3 days..)


    I’m in! This is the first time i have posted a comment on your site but I have been reading it almost daily for years, well before Amelia arrived! I love this site, it is an inspiration and I can’t wait to join in the fun. Its about time I introduced myself!!


    If you haven’t read the current issue of Home Comapnion magazine-take apeak! I was totally thinking of all you creative gals-they featured a sweet creature maker and had great advice for bringing ideas to the retail market!


    Brilliant, I am so excited! The mind boggles at the possibilities.
    Maybe I missed it, but could your provide an email link on your softie page for those who might link directly to it rather than coming through your blog? Muchas gracias.

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