Finally with the gocco

Finally I have thrown myself into a print gocco frenzy and it is possibly the easiest most enjoyable thing I have done in ages. I have covered every surface in the house with drying envelopes ready to stuff orders into next week when my Christmas cards go on sale.

The cards came back from the printers this morning (I am cutting it a bit fine this year) and they are totally fine. I was in a little panic about them not appearing/not working/not happening generally but finally all my envelopes, cards and print gocco-ed postage envelopes are all ready to go… now we just need to finish the web page.

Did I mention that this year 10% of the proceeds of the card sales will be donated to Oxfam Community Aid Abroad?

I have had a few more thoughts – or re-thoughts – about the soft toy / craft project I mentioned on Monday. I would love to start in November (despite a dramatic clash with Nanowrimo! Go you Nano writers!) so come November 1, get your machines whirring and your scissors snipping.

I had a thought in the middle of the night on Wednesday that although it would be great to auction the results of our crafting for charity, it might add a kind of weird competitive nature to the project. I wouldn’t want people to feel intimidated by this at all… I want to create a kind of atmosphere that is supportive so that even the least experienced crafter will feel compelled to get involved and not have to worry that it might not break the $2 mark (or whatever) on ebay. I might still auction my item at the end of the month and donate the money to charity and would encourage anyone else to do the same but I think it would be better to keep it out of the official “game”.

Secondly, it would be great if people who don’t have blogs or websites could also take part so I will try and work out some kind of gallery thing where I can host pictures here on loobylu.

Does anyone strongly object to the first theme being “Elephant on Roller skates”? I know it’s pretty specific, but I thought it might make a good start and then next month make them more open ended for wider interpretation.. please email me any theme ideas you may have.