A month of softies

I have an idea for a meme — it’s not terribly original as it’s based on the idea of Photo Friday and Penelope’s Illustration Friday (which I am definitely entering this week!) but it could be kind of fun.
The idea is that every month (giving us plenty of time) a theme is suggested and participants then construct a doll – toy – monster creation along the lines of the theme. For instance I was thinking the first theme could be “Elephant on roller skates” which is pretty specific but the interpretations could be very diverse and cool – obviously it could be a soft toy but could be interpreted as something like an applique on a dolls dress or whatever. I was then thinking it would be fun to extend the invitation to all sorts of different craft folks so that the elephant on roller skates could be embroidered on a bag or painted onto a box or whatever, but the themes would be based on most participants constructing a textile object or 3D toy like object.

My next thought is at the end of the month, if people choose, the items could be auctioned by the individuals on ebay and the proceeds could be donated to the participants chosen charity.

I could set up a page that has thumbnails of all the works with links to the blogs / sites of the crafts folk and a link to the charity and a link to the auction.

Would this be fun?