Prototype # 1

I have been going absolutely bonkers trying to get a doll which is absolutely-to-my-liking finished. Introducing Prototype # 1 (a.k.a. Lily).

Bits of her I really like. I like her arms (though they are a little lumpy), legs, hair and face but her head shape is grim indeed and was the only thing left over from the previous pattern – it needs some work. It also really bugs me that the stripes don’t line up on her legs! Ugh!

The dress is really rough but I have been chopping and snipping it all day. I have made about ten little dresses that are all hopeless and have finally come up with this thing. The flowers are temporarily tacked on and the colour isn’t wonderful but I have a lot of this tan stuff lying around and I needed to use something that wasn’t precious. Prototype 2 will be much better. Stay tuned.