Sophie sisters

I am feeling pretty sad about last night’s outcome but you know, it’s a beautiful day, the Greens have a lot to celebrate and Amelia slept in until 5.30am so it’s not all bad.
After a terrible dream where Amelia fell off some play equipment and I couldn’t get any help, I woke deciding I need an mobile phone. Big-P, Amelia and I went out to Chadstone this morning to check out the deals and packages and while we were there I had a look through the always disappointing Lincraft.

I did manage to find some super cheap yarn on sale which will be good for doll’s hair and I also picked up a copy of Vogue Pattern no. 7486 which is a set of patterns for some cute vintage dolls dresses.

I really like the coat and the little green panel dress in the centre and am thinking that if I use some more unusual, less pastelly fabrics and perhaps different, bolder trimmings they might be really fun on some of my dolls.

I am planning on making some more dolls much like Amelia’s Sophie Doll. I have been working on some pattern alterations in Illustrator starting with making them 75% of the size and making the arms less puffy. I also want to work on the embroidery of the facial features – I thought the ones on Sophie were ok but I think it would be fun to try and get something looking a little more like my illustrations (thoughts similar to my ‘eye’ discussion are occupying my mind).

Speaking of unusual fabric, I am transfixed by the designs at Galbraith and Paul – all hand block-printed, and beautifully used for lamps and shades (via tania).