Well – the guests have all gone and I am exhausted! Lovely weekend but I spent quite a lot of time trying to stop Amelia from pushing, pinching, punching and pulling the hair of her little cousin James. When I wasn’t worrying about the “right way” to try and make her understand how “not nice” it is to do these things I was consuming alcohol. Ok – exaggerations all round, but I am looking forward to them being a little older and either getting along like a house on fire, or ignoring each other completely apart from the occasional teenage eye-roll and tolerating sigh.
Amelia loves her doll who has been named Sophie (as have most of the other dolls in the house) and now has a special place along side her in the cot so that’s lucky. Here she is in all her finished glory.

I ended up using Kaffe Fassett fabrics to go along with her stockings and think it worked out ok. I really enjoyed making this doll and think she might be the first of many (planning some big changes though).

Here is a close up of the fabrics – I like the patterned fabric I used for the faux-peticoat – it picked up on the colours in her stockings and her hair which was a big ask.

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    Love “Sophie”! She is sooo sweet. Glad you survived the weekend. My nearly three year old used to be the most loving and protective little boy.He was always taking care of the other kids he played with.Now he pushes kids half his size out of the way to play with something they have. We left the Teddy bears picnic(in Sydney) with Connor screaming, because he was fighting over other kids things.So embarrasing But toddlers will be toddlers!!!!


    Gorgeous fabulous doll! I know my favourite doll was a soft cuddly one my mother made me, rather than the hard ugliness of normal dolls. Although I was older than your daughter when I got it, so spent most of the time worrying that I’d ruin all that hard work if I cuddled too hard!


    Sophie is very cute, I love the fabrics you used.


    Sophie is really lovely! All of the elements came together so well. I love the colors, and that yarn is beautiful.


    Sophie’s outfit turned out wonderful. I love the faux petticoat fabric…I have three different colorways in my stash at the moment. Glad you survived the shindig too. We’ll be doing the same thing at the end of the month for our little.


    the fabric on the petticoat is beautiful – can’t wait to see what other dolls will look like! how did the name “sophie” become so popular in your house – a favourite friend?


    This is the nicest doll I’ve ever seen. I’m much inspired to try to make one for a christmas prezzie for my 3 year old.


    I love the doll. If you adopt me, will you make me one as well?? I won’t pull cousin james’ hair, i promise…


    all my dolls were “sally” when i was about 7. don’t know why. can’t remember knowing anyone by that name. i think there were about 5 sally dolls all told at once. 🙂


    I have a suggestion for the new site. You should make all of the links pop up in new windows so the viewer will be stuck with you. I’d like to still have your site up while going to others instead of “back-buttoning” my way back to ya. I hope this gets included in your re-design (which will be fabulous).

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