My site and all it sees

On a sunny day like today my mind it set on the idea of Summer. It’s still over two months away for us down here but I am planning summer activities, summer shoes and summer reading. This morning I found a really cheap box of wooden christmas tree ornaments and I suddenly got inspired to make Amelia an advent calendar (perhaps out of felt? Maybe?) which she can hang on her wall in December with tiny pockets for each day – inside which she will find a little sweet or ornament or whatever. Project 254. Sigh. I bought the ornaments anyway as they are really very cute.
And so, with the new season will come, as usual, a new design for this website. This summer – to celebrate 5 YEARS on the web I am going to plan a MAJOR REDESIGN. This old site has been clunking along and I keep ignoring the stuff that doesn’t work and the bits that could be better. So, like Heather, I have been brainstorming. I am going to start a gallery page which will have all the finished (ha!) projects I have done. I think I might try putting more time and effort into my craft updates so that there is a better record of what I have done and “how to” pages, or more appropriately some “oops – how to avoid” sections. Hmmm… Now my mind is ticking. I am going to go away and write this down on a piece of paper… but in the mean time, leave me some ideas in the comments (or send me an email if you prefer) for features/pages/sections/updates that you may like to see (or ones you don’t but please be kind – remember I get to approve or not all comments! 😉 ). Thanks! I hugely appreciate the feedback.