Pink hair, pink cheeks

A few mornings ago I started cutting out the pieces for a rag doll for Amelia’s birthday.

She’s almost done – I just need to do her a little wardrobe.

As usual I am kind of making her up as I go along in a bit of a trial-and-error way. As a result she is looking kind of odd and not entirely as I imagined her but she’s very cuddly (the main aim) and I am really growing to like her.

I am using a very ordinary book I borrowed from the library called “Making Rag Dolls” which shows you how to make some pretty ugly dolls but the patterns are good and basic and easy to follow so I decided to roll with it and change the bits that don’t really work for me. For her legs I have taken some inspiration from the beautiful Dinara dolls and have made them out of Kaffe Fassett striped cotton fabric – to give her a fun stripey stocking look. It’s gorgeous stuff and comes in great colours – I should have enough left over to make a tiny Blythe dress some time. Her hair is made up of my crazy coloured yarns from Marta’s – it’s in pinks and purples with some streaks of her mossy green slubby stuff. It kind of looks a little like dreadlocks but I have braided it so that it doesn’t get too tangled in the hands of a two year old. I have based her face on the faces of some vintage reproduction dolls that I have seen about the web. I don’t think the cheeks quite worked but I glued them on before applique-ing them so there’s no going back.

I still have to find something suitable that matches all these colours to dress her in. I am thinking something very plain in olive green or chocolate brown. A trip to the fabric store is in order.