good intentions

Lately I have been feeling really grumpy about my supposed lack of time and how I never get a chance to get any one of my hundred million projects done. It is true that I am a mum and mums generally do have a lack of free time for projects other than the day to day looking after of a little person, but honestly, I am not that flat chat and there are still times in the day which could be put to far greater use – especially while we are still living here with my Mum who is a manic housekeeper if ever I saw one. I really do spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting here at this computer browsing through thoroughly boring sites. There are other mums with blogs who complete copious amounts of beautiful projects and I find them totally inspiring (hi Heidi!). I now intend to do the same.
I have seen that there are is a book that is being profiled about the place called Getting Things Done – The Art of Stree-free Productivity, which might be a tempting purchase at some point, but until then here are some obvious things which I am going to attempt to do:

Firstly, I am going to spend less time watching TV in the evenings (with the obvious exception of Australian Idol – although I am going to skip all the spin-offs such as Inside Idol and the Unforgettable special which are really just filler)

Also – I am going to spend less time browsing the web including a lot of blogs that I am really not that interested in but visit out of habit and history. No more browsing of ebay auctions, and less time spent in all those forums etc.

And I am even going to try just checking my favourite blogs once a week.

And finally, when the Sims2 is released I will resist playing it into the wee small hours of the morning

Here is a partial list of my current projects:

Surprise birth gift for baby Lucy (Surprise! It’s a year late!)

Birth gifts for four new babies (toy dogs)

Bag o’ Wonder

Rowan sweater for Amelia

Blythe clothes


Christmas cards

Teddy bear

Series of cat dolls

Amelia’s birthday gift

Children’s book

website for friend

christmas angels

I want to add a couple of things to that list too:

tin flowers

Tigger (does anyone know where i can get Skacel Luxor 107 online? I can’t find it anywhere.)

a calendar

some tote bags

the restoration of an old folding screen in the garage

finally finish my doll’s house

a pincushion in one of my ramekins

and more!