Not quite reality

Big-P and I have just got back from a weekend in the city – the Adelphi Hotel, walks in the rain (freezing and hurried but it sounds romantic), long lingering strolls through galleries, bookshops and comic shops finished off on the way home with a movie at our favourite Rivoli. We saw Before Sunset because we are sad, nostalgic Gen-Xers – and even more of an awful admission is that I quite enjoyed it.
Two discoveries from two very different galleries; The first was Souther Salazar at Outré, and the second was Sarah Sze at the NGV – “Even the details in Sarah Sze’s sculptures have details”.

And tonight we’re back in the suburbs where it’s almost as exciting because there’s a hard rubbish collection on Tuesday and there are all sorts of strange folk in huge trucks and station wagons trawling through the streets and digging through the piles of junk.