A new design to welcome in Spring!
I am feeling optimistic about this change of season and hope it seeps into all parts of our lives. I am so up and down at the moment that I can hardly bear myself. One minute I am intolerant and snakey, the next I am dancing around the lounge room with Amelia to her CD of Latin music (cha cha cha!) or sewing a tiny dog in a creative frenzy. I guess it’s house stress – not the house in question in particular as we have actually got to the stage of not caring if we get it or miss out – but just this state of limbo feeling that has been going on for so long. I crave cupboards to put my fabrics away in, I am sick of tripping over piles of books and plastic crates of junk that fill the room I have here. I want my own kitchen and my own space to tidy or to not! I want to grow plants that we will see mature and I want to start being an adult again. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to be able to live here, and my parents are (quite obviously) the most supportive people but it’s still four adults and one toddler under one roof, bumping and jostling each other with our moods and our habits. While we have managed to keep our relationships in tact and in some ways much stronger (and Amelia has had such a joyous time here) I am sure we will all breath a sigh of relief when we can visit each other for meals rather than wait for each other to hurry up and get out of the bathroom (etc).