Wiggle out of it

We are still negotiating to buy the house. Unfortunately it seems a frivolous exercise because what we can pay is awfully low as compared to what they originally asked. So perhaps this one will be one that got away but at least we gave it a good shot and are having a quick lesson in real estate negotiation strategies in the meantime. We should know in the next day or two and then we have a few conditions we need to clear up such as surveying etc.
My very wise and amazing sister-in-law called last night (who also has a toddler) and said that she had suddenly had a thought a couple of nights ago that perhaps Amelia’s waking in the night due to her picking up on the stresses in the house. It is true that Amelia would definitely know that something is going on due to all these intense discussions we keep having about houses and kitchens and bedrooms using words she understands but in strange contexts. My sister-in-law suggested that Amelia might even understand that there is a move imminent but not be sure what that means and if she’s coming with us or not or how her beloved Nanan and Pappous fit into it all. She might be waking up and needing just a little bit of extra comfort. I know it’s hard to tell but it really does seem to me a possibility. The waking at night for comfort definitely started when we started looking for houses a couple of months back. It stuck me in the heart to realise that this might be what’s going on. Poor little girl! When I am feeling calm I am going to have a little chat to her about what it all means. I am looking forward to actually having a house in mind so I can talk to her about the exciting possibilities of what we might plant in vegetable patches and how we might paint her bedroom, how far away from Pappous and Nanan we will actually be and what kind of life we might have.

And in other news, thanks to the Wiggles CD we have on high rotation, Amelia has decided that her name is now Jeff. Quite often she will refuse to answer to anything but Jeff. I am yet to have to say “Come on Jeff! It’s time to go home!” in front of other mums at the park or in a crowded supermarket but it’s only a matter of time. It’s interesting to note that Jeff is the Wiggle who likes to sleep! Perhaps she is playing some cruel joke on us.