Site news

The sleep thing is getting a bit better. Amelia only wakes a couple of times a night now and usually one of these is in the early evening before the rest of us go to bed. Now if I could just stop worrying about house buying activities which keeps me awake at night all would be well.
I am working on a few updates for this site. It’s quite tempting to ditch the whole thing and start again as it’s a little like a huge out of control garden which keeps growing in strange directions according to sunlight or attention. The archives are pretty hard to get through prior to 2002 and the links page dates from 1999 with little or no attention to broken links and new finds. So I am slowly working on a new bumper links page which I promise to weed and replant every week and I have also working on the nuts and bolts of the sidebar (well, Big-P has been for me!). You can now check out the category archives (which are pretty empty at the moment) so not only can you see what I am currently making (or making a mess of) but also what craft projects I have been working on or reading or whatever in the past. And I have also finally updated the “things I am into this month” down the bottom of the sidebar. Finally!