Dreaming and waking

Amelia woke six times again the night before last, but we have a new plan. More exercise, more fresh air, no TV in the afternoons, no soy sauce ever (nights are much worse after I make fried rice with soy sauce), less (no) talk about it in front of her so she isn’t always aware of it, no speaking when I go in to tuck her in, etc. She woke twice last night which is good – not great – but at least things are getting better and not worse. Thanks for all your support and tips! Even though I am so exhausted on some of these night trips that I feel quite nauseous, it’s a strange kind of treat to look down and see this little being all small and sleepy and warm and beautiful.
We just looked through the house again this morning with my mum. She liked it. She agreed that it needs a lot of work but she liked the feel of it, just as we do. It was actually better the second time in my opinion. I had thought the lounge room was smaller and the bathroom shabbier. There were cupboards where I had thought there was no storage and even the odd window in places I had thought might be too dark. It is definitely a funny old place. I guess it would not surprise me if our builder friend says “forget it chaps”, but with all the stuff from another life cleaned out and all our stuff moved in it really could be a magic house.

I have decided to take a leave of absence from school this semester. Things are so busy and I have so many projects on the boil. It was all getting a bit much. I really want to do my christmas cards again to make available for sale in a couple of months and that will need some dedicated computer time. Thursdays are a precious day.

Yesterday Amelia and I went out to Murembeena to visit my new friend Christina to pick up a box of plates for a family friend to use for mosaics, and a new Blythe that Christina ordered for me as part of an exchange for designing and building her a website. I am now the proud owner of a Birdie Blue. Both my Blythe dolls are now sporting Loobylu originals from the Summer Range (pattern designs by Christina!). It’s true, I am either a) regressing or b) revisiting my childhood but it is very enjoyable indeed. Here’s a dodgey pic which I took in a great rush for any blythe fans.

The dog is one of Christina’s who does everything by hand! One of her outfits is up on ebay at the moment. And oh my goodness, her collection was mind blowing.