There is this little house

This weekend was all rain and mud and puddles that tiny pink boots needed to stomp through. Excitingly enough we may have found a house to place an offer on.

On Saturday morning we walked through a little shambley rambley weatherboard cottage and fell in love. The place was built 1950s and really hasn’t had a lot done to it over the years – unfortunately the kitchen and the bathroom are in no great shape, one of the four bedrooms remains unfinished and unlined and the bedrooms are a little small but the huge garden and the light and its back verandah and the peaceful feeling we got wandering through made us agree that it could be ours. I can see us being happy there for years and years. Our friend who is a builder is going to look through it next weekend for us to make sure it isn’t full of white ants, or falling off its stumps or needing a new roof or anything major and expensive and scary. The encouraging thing is that we’ve now found one within our price range that we really liked so if we miss out on this one, there is sure to be another. I am trying not to get too excited about this one as it can be too heartbreaking if we miss out.

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    That is so exciting – I know how hard it is to not immediately begin thinking where to put the furniture and what paint will look good etc. etc.Good luck – at least if it needs some work other people might be a bit turned off it?


    Love the illustration! Knowing the area a little I can really picture the house. Having a house that is only slightly newer, that also has small bedrooms but a lovely big flat backyard, I can say that my little kids would miss the backyard far more than bigger bedrooms – they love having the room to plant vegies, as well as kicking the footy. Good Luck, go for it!


    That’s fantastic, good luck with your offer being accepted. At least if it’s not quite finished you can add your own touches. 🙂


    Best of luck with the building inspection, it’s great to have builder friends! This house sounds just like mine, (in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs) and we are slowly getting closer to finishing our renovation. My only renovating advice is to pay someone to do it or it may never get done. (She says 2 years after tearing down half the house!)


    I can empathise about the house hunting bit. After a quick look last year, we just decided to build our own. We’re moving to our new house this Friday. ‘Hope you get your dream house too! 🙂


    I am excited but also terrified we will miss out or be making the biggest mistake. Beth – you are so right, I am already planning what veggies I am going to plant in the huge vegetable garden! Ah I must stop doing that! But you really do have to get to an emotional point where you have imagined your life in the house before you can decide to put in an offer, and than it’s so hard to go back from there.


    O, this is wonderful news! *crossing fingers it has no structural issues* This is most happy news and a major life event and I am so happy for you!


    Good luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. We started looking for houses in November. There have been several disappointments, but we should finally be moving into a lovely little house with open views over the moors in about 3 weeks time. I’m still scared to get my hopes up though in case it all goes wrong. Maybe it’ll sink in come moving day.


    Home ownership is one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. The house we are in now was built in 1910, but we are only the fourth owners. The wallpaper, the cracks, the floors, the COLORS! Yeesh!
    The transformation from what we saw when we first walked in to the home we have now has been nothing short of astounding. It has been a lot of hard work, but I love my house, and I would do it again. Actually, I probably will someday, too.

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