All say eye

I have ordered a gocco – thanks for all the tips! It’s out of stock unfortunately so there will be a three week wait but it’s a good excuse to get some designs done ready to print.
Right now I am thinking a lot about eyes. Apart from these eyes which I think about a great deal, I am contemplating the future direction of the eyes for my toys. Here is a brief history of toy eyes over the last 8 months:

In January I made my first strange toy. I embroidered the eyes and tried for a kind of Maurice Sendak thing.

This was followed by Mr Huggy who also had embroidered eyes but with a line underneath.

Then I went back to the earlier model for the Little Guy in a Kitten Suit. I liked these eyes a lot. I somehow seemed to get a lot of expression into them.

And then I made a little kitten (Flossy) for Alice for her birthday and went back to the Mr Huggy Style eyes. She has a very cute and innocent expression.

Then came the previously unpublished Mouse with a Huge Head who had little tiny circular embroidered eyes.

Shortly after this I decided to get into knitting and all animals went on hold but then I created the three dogs all with felt eyes appliqued on.

Amelia’s Dachshund and

the alluring Humphrey Beggs.

In my opinion the eyes are almost the most important part of the toy, giving it so much personality – humour, whimsy, cuteness, scariness and so on. It’s also important to me that the eyes make the toy look like it’s made by me – which means I want the eyes to have a similar look to the eyes that my illustrations have:

which is why I liked some of those earlier ones but they never quite did it for me. Also, I want the toys to look not only characterful but totally appealing — I want their little expressions to melt your heart. Here are some eyes from other dolls and illustrations that I quite like: