Just quickly before Idol starts…

We looked through 9 houses yesterday. A couple were just ok but too small, most needed a lot of work and the last one was so bizarre in it’s 1950s styling that we were almost tempted to overlook its major short comings. So it was a little disappointing but at least we are getting a good feel for the area and the market etc etc.
Meanwhile I have started knitting the bag o’ wonder! Hazzah! The Rowan Polar is gorgeous to knit with (as it should be) but fluffs up a fair bit. It doesn’t look bad, just not as silky as I expected. Perhaps for the next bag I will try some of Jo Sharp’s Silk Road Ultra.

And now that Amelia is safely tucked up in bed for the night (exhausted from attending a very full on but great fun three year old birthday party), I am already in my pjs (it’s 7pm – also exhausted) and Big-P is making pizza (he’s had a nap). We are going to settle in for a night on the couch watching Australian Idol, Pride and Prejudice and then a video of the Regency House Party. Bliss!