Printing under the influence

For school this week we are preparing screens for printing on to t-shirts. The theme for the t-shirt design is “An artwork, an artist or an art movement that influences our work”. Hmm. So I am thinking about what and who influences my work and I feel I may have to stretch the boundaries a little and perhaps look at a craft movement maybe or perhaps an illustrator. Yes, that’s an idea. But who and what to choose?! I am leaning towards doing a Mary Blair kind of thing, and as it’s going to be two to three colours that will be quite fun. We also have to research places to buy bulk t-shirts from. My main problem is that I don’t really want to get your standard hanes style tshirt. I would prefer to print on something a bit more girly, and a lot more interesting… this of course is a big ask and would probably require actually getting some made or, even worse, making some myself. I really am a bit lost when it comes to this kind of thing. Regardless. What fun! T-shirts!

Tomorrow I am going out to Box Hill to buy myself a 50cm x 40cm screen to prepare at school and print with at home. I am playing with ideas for small runs of fabric to turn into toy clothes and other small projects. And now, of course, there is the world of Blythe commercial fashion design to delve into! I got an ILYIT for those who may be interested. Woo!

Links I have been enjoying:
Just when I needed it too- How to Apply Double Fold Bias Tape (via Dioramarama).
Usakichi no Chiisanaomise – crocheted toys from Japan (via Christina)
Colobockle (also via Christina) lovely illustration with lots of texture and colour
And some Blythe links, because the sun has just shone through my window, Puchimadam style lab – the queens of customisation and browse through Christina’s files here and here for wonderful outfits, patterns and accessories.