Slow day

Nothing very exciting to report – hence the lack of an entry yesterday. We are all sick with mucky colds again and Amelia is in the middle of the worst of it. I had her in bed with me again last night while Big-P retreated downstairs to the spare room. Poor little thing – she snuffled and tossed and turned and whimpered all night. She’s sleeping now and I hope she starts feeling better soon.
In other news, I have my cursor placed precariously over a “buy now” button on a page on ebay. It’s an auction for a Blythe doll. After spending several days arguing with myself and Big-P (who really doesn’t care all that much) and anyone else who would listen all the reasons why I really should own one of these dolls, I finally settled it in my mind that it’s a perfectly acceptable acquisition, even in the face of buying a house.

I have been hunting around online for a good bargain for days now and think I may have found one. So just now, I have posted to the Blythe forums for some last minute advice and support for such a purchase, and then the plunge will be taken. I know I will then have a nervous afternoon of buyers remorse, spend 1 to 2 weeks (hopefully not more) impatiently awaiting its arrival convinced it will be lost, stolen or broken. When she arrives I will open her, place her on my desk (presuming she isn’t lost, stolen or broken) and spend the next 8 years making sure Amelia doesn’t take too much of an interest in her. Sure… like that’s going to happen.

Right now I am off to make a Dachshund from canvas and then one from corduroy. I found the pattern in a great old 1970s stuffed toy book at the Library called “The Splendid Soft Toy”. Very sadly it’s out of print.