Mid year resolutions

After watching a short documentary on the ABC that looked at the value (or not) of detox diets, I decided that the answer I am looking for at the moment is to get fit and healthy. I have yet another cold and it’s getting me down. We all seem to be getting something every other week and then handing it around generously. So with good intentions I went to bed early last night but then after sleeping solidly I woke up feeling ok and then drank two cups of coffee before 9am followed by baking a huge batch of Princess Meg’s cookies. I did (coincidentally) go for a huge walk today, but then it wasn’t until after my evening vodka and tonic that I remembered my promise to get healthy. So I start that as soon as those cookies are all eaten, and I have helped out with the two pizzas that are on the way.
I don’t really know about these detox diets though. I guess that it would suit some people to get incredibly healthy for 10 days and then go back to life as normal, seeing the detox as a kind of way of going back to empty so they can start filling up with junk again. I would rather skip the bit where you have to feel incredibly bad for four days as the toxins leave your body and just kind of gently cut down and start building up better habits. But then, I guess I have never been a hard drinking, hard partying kind of person. I would miss my coffees and I would miss my evening weak vodka, so why not leave those in and just ensure that I don’t accompany the vodka with half a box of chicken crimpies (as did happen the other night by accident)? Perhaps I could also avoid eating huge mountains of roast beef covered with incredibly good but evil gravy, and add a few more pieces of fruit every day and so on. I could handle that.

I am also thinking about joining a gym. This is really a totally foreign concept to me and quite a scary idea, but I haven’t been doing yoga for the last four or five months and I really miss it. The timing and the travel to get to the class was all getting a bit too hard. But now I feel slower and stiffer in the mornings and my back seizes up after knitting or sitting at the computer browsing blythe sites until late. I figure if I join a gym that has a creche and yoga classes it might be easy and I might even try out some of that intimidating equipment or maybe even try another class of some kind… it’s just an idea but I need to do something – and soon.

Salt free, gm free, colouring, flavouring, msg free chickpea chip anyone?