I am currently looking to purchase a Blythe doll either new or second hand (though not one of those one thousand dollar originals… that’s just slightly out of my price range). I am hooked…

I think I have inherited some kind of obsessive compulsive collectible craziness from my Mum. For her it’s books – or series of books. A lot of them tend to be about icy places such as Antarctica or the Arctic and alot of others are about explorers (even better if they are arctic explorers). She also likes plants – specific kinds of plants like Hellebores or Astromerias rate very highly. Pots of hellebores fill every available space in her garden and as she has always been interested in botany she is breeding them and is trying to rediscover that elusive butter yellow bloom which she suspects must have disappeared on a recessive gene.

For me it’s all a a lot less scientific and a lot less noble. I love junk – tacky snow globes and dolls, and weird bits of figural kitchenware, vintage toys, moomintroll stuff and the occasional comic book series. And now, in a matter of days I have been bitten by the Blythe bug. It’s always intriguing (and somewhat time wasting) to find a new topic of interest only to discover a whole new world of collectors and lingo and web sites and auctions which bubble away with vim and vigor.

So if you have a Blythe that needs a new and good home (with the promise of photos on Loobylu) then please let me know! Maybe we could even organise some kind of swap.