I am currently looking to purchase a Blythe doll either new or second hand (though not one of those one thousand dollar originals… that’s just slightly out of my price range). I am hooked…

I think I have inherited some kind of obsessive compulsive collectible craziness from my Mum. For her it’s books – or series of books. A lot of them tend to be about icy places such as Antarctica or the Arctic and alot of others are about explorers (even better if they are arctic explorers). She also likes plants – specific kinds of plants like Hellebores or Astromerias rate very highly. Pots of hellebores fill every available space in her garden and as she has always been interested in botany she is breeding them and is trying to rediscover that elusive butter yellow bloom which she suspects must have disappeared on a recessive gene.

For me it’s all a a lot less scientific and a lot less noble. I love junk – tacky snow globes and dolls, and weird bits of figural kitchenware, vintage toys, moomintroll stuff and the occasional comic book series. And now, in a matter of days I have been bitten by the Blythe bug. It’s always intriguing (and somewhat time wasting) to find a new topic of interest only to discover a whole new world of collectors and lingo and web sites and auctions which bubble away with vim and vigor.

So if you have a Blythe that needs a new and good home (with the promise of photos on Loobylu) then please let me know! Maybe we could even organise some kind of swap.

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    Claire – I know you mentioned the Outre gallery exhibition a few posts ago. Are you aware that they’re selling minature Blythe’s? Not quite the same as an original, I know, but they’re adorable. I bought one at the weekend and she now sits very happily among my very own tacky snowglobe collection 🙂


    Oooh I know… the petite blythes (which are featured in the swap you mention J) and the kubrik blythe’s are tempting because they are both so much cheaper… but I am a sucker and nothing but the real 12 inch thing will do. Hooked I tells ya.


    recently i found a toy space girl in one of the car parks near my flat. i have become obsessed with taking pictures of her in different places. i set up little scenes with lighting and stuff and snap away. now not only do i take my camera everywhere with me i also take my space girl.


    If you could get the latest issue of Bust, it features an article on women who collect different types of dolls including Blythes, it’s an interesting article!


    Good luck with your search for a Blythe doll, if I had the money I think I would get into collecting them too. I don’t think they were ever issued in the UK though?


    I collect Agnes Richardson postcards, and now I have over 50. I am constantly hanging out on Ebay to see which ones are for sale. So, I do understand the phenomena.


    There are actions for the different Takara Blythe dolls on ebay. I was outbidded, but decided to revisit my obsession when I have the extra money. Since I live outside of Toronto I am going to search around the big city later this summer at Asian markets, toy stores to see if I have any luck.


    Ooh, there was a Blythe doll for sale at a little fleamarket in the park next to my house here in Japan – shouldda asked how much she was selling it for – it looked so forlorn just lying there on the blanket. I think she needed a new home!!!


    I discovered the world of Blythe about 4 years ago on the Chronicle Books website..they had several ecards featuring Blythe, under the pop culture section ..I think there are still a few up?

    She is fun, isn’t she?! I love your illustrations of her.

    Ahh, it’s good to have crazy obsessions/collections/passions of my teachers had cases of exactly the kinds of things you love, all around his studio and house and it looked great! So fun and whimsical.

    That’ll be one thing to look forward to when you have your own place again..a chance to express yourself by filling it up with those things which you love!


    LOL! I understand. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Sounds like lots of fun! 🙂


    I can’t recommend the This Is Blythe Forum more (I think I noticed you on there the other day!) – you can always get a good deal and loads of inspiration. Other than that – Ebay it! Most of the $70-$120 USD Blythes are totally reasonably priced – but you should post a comment on the Buy & Sell section. They would ADORE your Blythe illustrations!!!:) Welcome to our little world!


    Hi Claire,I love your illustration of Blythes! the leftmost one looks like pow wow poncho and the rightmost one looks like Fruit Punch.

    I sent you a msg on the ThisIsBlythe forums after seeing you there a few days ago. 🙂 Your best bet is to try eBay, or the “Buy and Sell” section at the This Is Blythe forums. You can probably get one for about $70usd plus shipping.

    Another thing about Blythes – you can’t get just one. trust me on this, after your first you’ll want to get her a sister, and another, etc. 😀

    good luck on your search and I hope to see pictures of your Blythe here soon!


    I have an original Kenner Blythe doll for sale!! Asking 375.00.


    Hi there wonderous Clare,Well, you have done it again, pointed me in the direction of something I MUUUUUSSSSSTTTT have** Any tips for buying a new ‘baby’?
    BTW, fab to see you at Bendigo, I am always telling everyone how fab your site is you wonderful thang you*
    norbu, in admiration

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