Sewing, cooking and browsing

I have my fabric all spread out ready to start cutting out the prototype for my new set of stuffed animals but I have sewer’s block – or performance anxiety or something like that. I just can’t start. It’s the same problem I am having with the glorious bag o’ wonder. My beautiful Rowan wool gets hauled out to show every unsuspecting visitor, my new pink pearl needles are sitting on my desk looking lovely and capable but it’s like the anticipation of the project is so exciting that starting it seems like an anticlimax. How complex!
As soon as our car is back from the repair shop (back windscreen leaked rain water all through the car! argh!) I am driving out to our nearest asian supermarket to buy some bamboo steaming baskets as I have the sudden urge to cook Chinese Steamed Pork Buns. I have always thought they might be quite difficult to make but I stumbled across a recipe in Charmaine Solomon’s Complete Asian Cookbook that doesn’t look too tricky. Stephanie Alexander has included a recipe for plain steamed buns in this morning’s Epicure magazine but I can’t imagine going without the delicious filling.

And here are some links that I have been enjoying in the last day:

Illustrator Justin DeGarmo’s site (via wee me). As Melanie points out – check out the sketchbook pages – totally amazing.
The Graphic Novel – A Visual Language (via Robot Johnny) a slide show and audio presentation of the work and thoughts of such graphic novel artists as Chris Ware, Seth, Chester Brown and Art Spiegelman.
Andrea Dezso (via Miriam and Rosa) beautiful embroidered illustrations – as well as stunning artist books.
Seamripper – one of the talented girls who organises the Renegade Craft Fair has a site selling her wares.