Rosa's got the goods

Rosa left some delightful doll maker links in my comments on Wednesday.
Firstly there is Samba Comme. On the introduction page is the little hello message that reads: “Hello, everyone, I am Yuriko Watanabe. I make stuffed toys of several sorts of animals using kinds of materials; such as, the special dead stock fabrics and pieces of used cloths, and cotton, denim, tweed, fur, vinyl, and also leather.” – there are 40 photos of toys to be seen on the works page, under the heading “New Works Preview – pics!(#1-40)”. Lovely use of textures and remnants. I love the mixture of colours and fabrics and each of the toys have so much character.

Rosa also pointed out Hippie Coco – a more traditional bear and toy maker also from Japan who makes oodles of gorgeous vintage inspired bears, rabbits, cats and so on. Here are some snaps from the most recent conventions: The 2004 Japan teddy bear festival and the 2004 Japan Teddy Bear Convention

Thanks Rosa! You made my day.