Bonny and Blythe

I have never really paid much attention to the Blythe phenomenon but currently showing at OutrĂ© is “This is Blythe” – an exhibition of photographs by Gina Garan. I hope to get along to see it next week as I have been thinking about producing some postcards of photographs of my (yet to be made) soft animals in super styled settings. I was originally thinking about Bjork’s Human Behaviour video (quicktime link), the work of Larry Gianettino and some of the work by my wonderful friend Van Sowerwine and ideas were a-brewing. It really is just an idea at this stage but after having looked at some of the images in the This is Blythe gallery I am newly inspired. I even thought to myself “gee, that blythe doll looks pretty cute and reminds me a little of early loobylu drawings” – so I had a quick look on ebay and you can pick up an original vintage Blythe doll for a quick AU $1,192.40. Wow! Now that would be worth stumbling upon at the flea market. A slightly less expensive new one is going on my Christmas list and it’s time to get making those new toys. Any Blythe fans out there?