I’m sad to be missing out on the Melbourne Scarf Festival this weekend. It sounds amazing and will have to make sure I am in town for next year’s.
Never mind, I have some exciting weekends coming up. Firstly, of course, there is the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships 26 June – 3 July, then there is the Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts Miniatures Show July 10-11 (for people who like very little things) and finally the Australian Sheep and Wool Show July 16-18. Also in there is a first birthday party, a third birthday party, a 32nd (right?) birthday party dinner thing and a car service!

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    Hi ClaireJust wondering, with the Kittyville hat, what size (mm) needles are you using? I’m assuming the Kittyville site is American, and their size 7 is different to ours? And are dp’s hard to use?


    The Melbourne Scarf Festival was fantastic!! I went with some friends on the opening nights and was blown away by the number and variety of scarves. There are some incredibily clever people out there! What I loved the most about the whole event was the fact that you could touch everything, which of course is a great help when your a fibre/textile nut.

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