Holiday project line up

After taking Amelia for a haircut and then rushing to the library to borrow a new stack of exciting picture books, I went in to school to enroll for second semester. There were ridiculous queues – I can’t believe in this day and age we still have to queue up to enroll for (in my case) one class! I did a lot of grumbling but it was also a good excuse to catch up with some of my part-time compatriots for some friendly, work-free chat. Now I am officially on holidays for three weeks. Of course, this seems a little silly to even consider a bonus when it’s a holiday from a one afternoon a week class but it seems to have made some kind of difference to my mood. Holidays! Woohoot! So what am I going to do with all this extra free time? Big plans are afoot.
Firstly there is a week long trip to Mildura to attend the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships. We are going along as spectators and groupies but mainly for a bit of a holiday. My family has been into ballooning for a long time. Many of my childhood weekends were spent standing in freezing cold paddocks at the break of dawn waiting for the wind to drop so we could put up the balloon, watch people clamber into the basket, take off and then chase them around the countryside sitting in the back of someone’s huge balloon retrieve vehicle. I would read books or draw while my brother would stare out of the window and dream about flying balloons. Now, many years later, my dad and brother own a balloon and are rather passionate about the sport. I am not so passionate about it (it involves getting up really early) but will happily toddle along to watch and marvel. Amelia will have a blast.

Other plans: the Kittyville hat knitted in many shades and forms. I have started one using a big ball of Bendigo rustic that I bought a while back. I have never used circular needles before and I can’t quite get a comfortable grip on them. Here’s a work-in-progress shot:

This is a kind of first run, but then I want to do one or two more using some weird and wonderful yarn from Marta’s to get some interesting textures and colours. I may do something other than ears but I really like the basic hat shape. By the way, here’s the stuff I bought on sale at Marta’s on Tuesday:

Delicious. Then there is also the Bag of Wonder with my drop dead gorgeous Rowan Polar to get my teeth into, a certain baby present now long overdue (present not baby), many other overdue presents, some more dolls, some bags to sell… But in truth, I will get one or two of these things started, but it’s nice to have big plans.