Japanese fabric finds

Today is all about putting together my screen printing folio to hand in on Monday. I love studying but assessment sends me into stressed-out body shut down. Not unlike my year 12 school year, all I want to do is sleep. Unlike my year 12 school year I won’t – I will soldier on.
I have been checking out some Japanese fabric stores on the web. I particularly like the range at this store called the Nani Iro Collection, which includes some very cute polka dot stuff. The images are incredibly bad jpegs but you get the idea. I love the randomness of this design – a different take on the usual polka dot grid like layout. Also good are these great checks (scroll down), and the stripes and crazy florals on this page.

In other fabric news – Amy Butler from Art of the Midwest has a new line of fabrics out through FreeSpirit. There are some beautiful things there – have a look at Ginger Bliss.

Ok, back to work.