If you saw someone surreptitiously leaving Sunspun this morning wearing a black knit top and some brown cords, huddled under an umbrella while carrying a clear plastic bag containing two large balls of deliciously red Rowan Polar yarn — I swear it wasn’t me – really!

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    I say, embrace your addictions!!! I have bid and won more vintage barkcloth curtains on ebay than I could possibly have enough windows for! It just makes me soooo happy.Love the illustration.


    Loving the daily updates Claire! And the quote on mothering toddlers was a godsend.


    i used to work at a super fantastic wool store in toronto called romni wools and every boxing day we would have a sale that was like 50% off all the wools in the store. I don’ know how many of my friends would be there early to jump on the rowan polar. It is like wool spun from angora clouds (which does not shed as much)…delicious.rhya


    Mmmmm, new yarn.
    Alas, I have much old yarn to use up first.

    Claire, a question about your artwork on this site: are you using some sort of tablet? I have a mac and am thinking of getting one.


    Hi you, my name is Paz, best know it like Pazota, jejej,i´m from Chile and today i recently read you blog, it´s fantastic, congratulation, i hope you can read my blog to,well, i also hope that you get a traslator to read my chileans letters, jejej, ok, bye,

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