friday night, time for bed

Still a bit slow today but Amelia had another brilliant night apart from a little more Baby Whispering needed at 5am. I have had one of those days where I keep thinking “Oh, I am such a bad mum! Has she watched TV for two hours now?” and then thinking “ah, get over it – she’s fine”.
I don’t have much time to blog as it’s time for bed but here are some links:

I don’t understand how she did it but this silk yarn which Leigh hand spun (I think) is beautiful. I have yarn envy!

I continue to be amazed by the extreme negative reaction that the Play School episode featuring a little girl going to a funfair with her two mums has caused. Surrounding myself with like minded people I often forget what kind of world we live in. Thank you Elissa for drafting a letter to the ABC in show of support and offering it on your blog last week. After reading the sadly conservative and at times outright offensive opinion piece published in the Age this morning by former director of research and evaluation of Sesame Street (1968) Sam Ball, I will be sending my own letter of support to the ABC shortly.

I am trying to work out what bag pattern I am going to go for when joining in the Melbourne Stitch ‘n Bitch Great Felted Bag Knit-along. A lot of people are going for the French Market Bag featured on Knitty but although it’s pretty cool I am not sure it’s what I need right now. So I was browsing around the web looking at blog entries showing finished felted bag projects and saw one that I really liked but now I can’t for the life of me, no matter how much googling I do, find it. I can’t remember what the handles were like, but this is the shape and colour, so if anyone knows this bag (artist’s impression):

please let me know the link! Thanks.