Knit Crit

I thought it was interesting to note that while many Australians sat around their Sunday morning breakfast tables reading in the Sunday Life Magazine that knitting was a fad that had bombed (“Gone in 60 seconds” by Steve Dow which I guess has been reworked and renamed from his “Oxygen bars, fondue and other fads that fizzled“) there was a huge amount of us knitters all crammed into the Brunswick Town Hall pawing over delicious yarns, discussing car pools up to the Bendigo Wool Show and yacking about our latest projects. Perhaps, as the article says, the Cricketer’s Arms in Sydney has lost it’s strong Stitch n Bitch numbers but I have heard you can barely move at the official Melbourne meet ups at Gloria Jeans in South Yarra, and now there are quite healthy spin-offs in Melbourne’s North, East and a new one on Thursday nights in the city… not to mention the rest of the world. I have been to one recent evening meet at the now sadly defunct Swings and Slides where there were at least 30 women of all ages knitting and chatting up a storm. Our email list is incredibly active and healthy, Stitch ‘n Bitch book sales were wild with a sequel in the works. I dunno, perhaps there are also Segway fan boys who are berating Steve Dow on their tech weblogs at this very moment and maybe there are some fondue fanatics being just as outraged on their food blogs but honestly… is knitting dead? Maybe it’s just not particularly quirky and media sexy any more.
And speaking of knitting, the boot camp cardigan pieces are all knitted and tonight I will put it together and block it (if I have time, though Angels in America is on TV and will be a major distraction). I knitted up one of the little Rowan Junior flowers in the same yarn (below right) with another contrasting colour from the Bendigo Rustic range which will look pretty cute stitched on. The other flower (below left) I am thinking of sticking a brooch pin on the back and pinning on to a cardigan of my own.

Today my grandma looked through my Rowan Junior book and decided that she too is going to take up the needles after a very long break from anything craft related and knit Amelia a little jumper. I showed her the lovely little Evie pattern and she thought it looked like a good one to try. I am so pleased that she is going to give this a go as patchwork and embroidery and many of the other gentle arts were such a huge part of her life which all disappeared and got too hard when she had a stroke. I really hope she will find great joy in the act of creating something beautiful again.