Banshee part 2

Another night of howling and wailing. Fortunately this time she actually slept when she came into bed with us around 3.30am. But tonight we go cold turkey. After checking on her after the first outburst to make sure she isn’t feverish or tangled or genuinely distressed we are going to just let her cry and moan and shout out “Mumoo! Up UP UP!”. I know it will be hard and horrible to do but right now she is getting plenty of positive reinforcement for her half hourly outbreaks. She can be in a huge sobbing fit and when I finally say, in a moment of total despair, “Do you want to come in to Mummy and Daddy’s bed?” she stops immediately and cheerfully says “YES!” and to make it even worse, as she cuddles down between us she gives out an evil, victorious chuckle. So no more! We will see who will break first.