Feeling wooly

Ah ohhh… a sleepless night due to the howling banshee child. She seemed perfectly cheerful (and held extensive conversations between Teddy and Rabbit “ooh! Hello!” – “oooh busy day!”) when in bed with us but as soon as we took her back into the Cot of Doom there was more screaming and wailing. Anyway, we are all feeling a little fragile today – a little too fragile to negotiate the Mini Wool and Craft show at the Brunswick Town Hall. I stood there feeling overwhelmed and lost until I managed to work up the energy to buy a couple of cheap mohair blend balls to turn into more knitted flowers. I did fall in love with a scarf that was being worn by a fellow browser – She had knitted it in delicate purple mohair and a pink tape and it looked lovely – so now I know what I want to knit next. That and a felted bag… which should keep me busy.