I have just put Amelia to bed with a temperature of 38.3°c. It was up at 38.8°c about an hour ago before I stripped her down and gave her some baby paracetamol. She seems quite cheerful but a little slow and a little grizzly. She and I went shopping for craft supplies to make toilet roll fairies this morning and at that stage I couldn’t understand why she really wasn’t interested when we sat down to glue and tape and cut and draw. We will have to try again when she’s feeling better. I know kids get sick and they get sick all the time but when it happens I always do what I have to do and then suddenly feel incredibly tired and heavy like I need a strong coffee or to crawl into bed. The stress caused by even such a minor incident seems to overwhelm me. Despite getting slower and slower as we approached lunchtime and nap time, she was so excited and proud to show Grandpa our lovely fairies when he got home.