Kitty's Oriental Craft Shop

Kitty’s Oriental Craft Shop on Ebay has 7 pages of wonderful craft books that include doll house miniature delights, felt dolls, quilting, beautiful kimono crafts, folk art, embroidery and heaps of books on bag making.
Of course there were a couple of great knitting ones that I had to buy (one for Van and one for me) but there were so many others that were just as tempting and it has been totally inspiring to browse through the pages as Lee has gone to great lengths to scan in detailed images from each of the books. There is the slight problem that none of the books seem to be in English but the images are fabulous enough.

Thanks Izan for thinking of me when finding this ebay gem.

So I have ordered two Japanese knitting books which means I will now have to learn how to read Japanese knitting patterns (via sugar cubed). Hmmm, perhaps a little unrealistic – but how could I resist?

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    Hi claire,
    I’ve recently bought a japanese book of cloth doll patterns (this one) and the drawings and photos are so good it really doesn’t matter it’s all written in Japanese. I bought it at a great site called Aranzi Aronzo that also sells beautifull fabrics and lots of other cute stuff 🙂


    i want to eat them with a spoon! just so you know, claire, both animals appear to be crocheted (except for kitty’s clothes and her sweet little basket).


    Those are so adorable.Really cute!!


    Oh my, I really love that little dog!


    Ya those are insanely cute. I am especially keen on the dog. But of course I was most impressed by the quality of the photos. Someone did a nice job.


    I followed Izan’s link the other day and was delighted to find a world of great books and things! I wanted to buy the felt junk animal doll book, but was afraid I might not understand the directions without english! now I’m even more tempted to try.


    They are gorgeous – look out Claire, I’ll be borrowing that book some time! I thought it looked like moss stitch at first and got quite excited. Not sure about crocheting something like that – looks pretty tough. I’m sure someone from SnB could help you though ; )

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