A month of minor musings

I thought I might write an update every day of this month. That would be a turn up for the books and I am really not sure how practical this idea is. Perhaps I can manage it if some days are just short ones.
My boot camp cardigan is almost done. I am speeding through the last sleeve but am about to run out of wool which is totally annoying as it only comes in 200g balls. I am planning to knit a little flower to stitch onto the front of the cardigan to liven it up a little. There is a really cute flower pattern in the Rowan Junior book (seen here stitched onto a bag) which can be done in two contrasting colours. Maybe I’ll go ahead and order the wool plus a contrasting colour and use the extra to make more snake scarves.

The dairy free diet is back on for Amelia J as two days after reintroducing cheese and milk I noticed that she was rubbing her hands together in a funny way – kind of wringing them in a nervous manner. Mum noticed it too the next day and I had a look at her wrists to discover they were looking red and irritated – as were the inside of her arms. So back to soy it is. I might try reintroducing dairy again in a month or so but until then I might just have to finish off those cheese biscuits. At least we can now say for sure that it is the dairy that causes her eczema.

Big-P and I have just started browsing through the real estate websites again as the time is coming up for us to move out of Mum and Dad’s and find that place of our own. We have been here for a full year now and it’s going to be very difficult to move away from all the help and support and company we have here but it’s going to be really very nice to be our own little family again. We have our hearts set on a particular suburb that isn’t too far away from friends and family and is on the train line for Big-P to get to work… we shall see as our hearts were broken multiple times when we were looking in ideal suburbs last time.