Sleepless sniffing and afternoon knitting

Mito’s Bento boxes. Mmm. Inspiration for little lunches. (thanks Ben)
What a week. This cold really knocked me for six. Day 9 and my voice is still hoarse but at least I have some energy back, enough energy to dash out to Forest Hill to try and find some allegedly really cheap bamboo knitting needles, only to find a tag advertising the amazing sale price on an empty rack. OH WOE!

I was chatting with Ben and Suzette about colds on the weekend while we stood sniffing and coughing in the playground watching our little kids run around attempting to defy gravity on various bits of equipment. We agreed that in the good old days (“before you were born dude, and life was great, you are the burden of my generation, I sure do love you – let’s get that straight” – ahh Paul Simon… this song pops into my mind an awful lot these days) if you got a cold you could kick it in a couple of days with a good night’s sleep or two and a couple of long afternoon naps. Long afternoon naps and good night sleeps are a near impossibility when the small children in your house are also suffering from colds. I think Amelia has gotten used to nocturnal cuddles after last week when she was really suffering and cries out for us every hour or so. So you get to live with your cold for a lot longer and you get to know it very, very well.

On a brighter, less phlegmy note I have started the cardigan for Amelia and have finished the back panel. I am using a pattern from Patons Classic Baby Knits and a Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn (Rustic 8ply ‘Green Opal’). I am very pleased with my knitting – it looks pretty neat with only one row looking a little odd and bumpy. This cardigan isn’t going to be the world’s most beautiful cardigan (although I really like how the wool is knitting up – will definitely order the Rustic again) as the pattern is pretty dull, but I wanted a basic piece to prove to myself that I could get through a whole garment before moving on to (and buying yarn for) some more sophisticated pieces from a Rowan book that I have ordered.

While I was out hunting elusive bamboo knitting needles this morning at Big W, I found some nice Panda yarn – a fluffy mohair blend and a novelty yarn that has bobbles and fluff without looking too tacky. I wish there was better light around today so I could take some photos. I think I might turn them into some snake scarves from Knitting Pretty (thanks Erin!). After having made a couple of these for some small friends I can tell you that they were road tested at Hays Paddock and are very good for scaring off pigeons who are trying to get into the chocolate cake.