Illo capers part I

A few days ago one of my favourite clients asked me to do an illustration for an article on a topic close to my heart – knitting! So, having a bit of fun with the picture, I decided to include my good knitting buddy Suzette (I often include people I know in illustrations for unsuspecting clients… just for some kind of very basic thrill). I sent her a copy of it just after I sent it off to the Creative Director with a note saying “hey look! You’re going to be in a magazine!”.

She emailed me back and said: “The editor will probably respond asking you to change the one with the green eyes 😉 He he.”

I got an email back from the creative director this morning saying “one thing the editor mentioned was whether we could include a man in there as well? I though perhaps you could alter the woman in red pants/blue shirt to a bloke..”. So while Suzette is having on of the most awful days I also had to tell her over the phone that I have to turn her into a bloke. Sorry Suze!