Folk artists

You know how you get tired of the web from time to time and then suddenly you stumble upon a whole new pocket of sites which seems to sing out to your heart?
I have had one of those discoveries and i want to share some of my favourite finds:

Jody Battaglia (I wish she had a website!)
La Dee Dah Folkart
Nicole Sayre
Pat Caska
Traditional Folk Art
Christy Silacci
Jennifer Murphy (more bears etc. here)

All these folk artists seem to be playing with the same ideas that I was talking about in the entry about my toys – vintage inspiration and making things out of whatever material is available.

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    The links are great! very inspirational. You should also check out: …the artist makes the critters out of socks. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your site…your taste, interests and projects are spookily similar to mine! Northern Exposure…love it!


    Lovely websites, thank you. Old things can be so inspiring. I love old children’s books as well. I just did two entries on my blog about an old book even my son loved dearly.


    I love your website. It is a nice inside to the world of life with babies. One which I dearly long for and at the same time, with equal intensity, feel the need to be 500 miles from. You give such an honest and touching view on the whole affair. Plus you talk neat, which is fun. I started knitting because you made it seem so cool, and I love the kitty hat! I have one small request and that is that when you put links to other sites up, can you make it so they pop up in a new browser? I never want to look at them because I am always afraid I am going to lose your site somewhere in the midst of the new links!
    You have a great site, thank you for bringing a little sunshine to my day!


    some of those dolls look kind of creepy to me.


    Another site with things made by an artist who sews fun creatures she calls “Softheads.” She also makes great cards and amazingly cool lampshades!
    (Her shop is in Portland, Maine)


    Those are some fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing! Also, I am thinking about starting the Stitch ‘n Bitch book and I am a beginner, as a beginner is the book well designed for you? Is it fairly simple?


    Love your site Claire. But where IS that secondhand Japanese textile warehouse?!


    I absolutely love your site. The layout is beautiful. You must be pretty smart to work Dreamweaver – I have tried and failed…Thanks for the inspirational site and links to visit!


    Thanks for the inspirational finds! I am a furniture artist that recycles homely pieces of furniture & I also deal in “old stuff”. I am always trying to create something from my “found objects” and your featured websites gave me just the little boost I needed! P.S. I LOVE your blog and has inspired me to finally start my own though it is as of yet still so archaic in comparison! Keep up the good work!


    It’s nice to see something made out of nothing. I have made things from cigars using cutters and other accessories. It is amazing what the mind and a cutter can do

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